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Meet Nina

She finished part of her studies abroad, at Brunel University in London. She usually creates posters; designs them by feeling, usually quite slowly, or sometimes in a flash of inspiration. On the posters, she depicts dark and light themes, such as life itself. She is also very interested in the art of collage, where she is excited to browse through old archives and museums' digital collections. When she gathers all the material, she usually follows a slightly less romantic phase, when she searches for a collection closest to her from the multitude of possible selections. She also loves collages because she can create a new story for an illustration or a photo with completely new connotations. Her collages may often appear grotesque and rather exaggerated, which is perfectly fine in her opinion.


Our planet, our responsibility

In creating and selecting materials, we have spent a lot of time thinking about caring for the environment, the future and our descendants. Our wish is to preserve the environment and pass on the thought of environmental care to the next generations.



Soil. Without healthy soils, we can’t grow the food we need to survive, and countless other organisms depend on it too.


Kaleido ecoOffice products are made using naturally derived, safe, and non-toxic ingredients that don't negatively impact the environment or your family’s health.


Micro-finished, flawless products for the modern office environment, produced with great attention to all the little details, driven by our everlasting passion for creativity.


We have no room for the classics, but we always create new, creative solutions and products.


Our products maintain the quality of life and at the same time contribute to the preservation of our planet.


Together we are reducing waste, lowering carbon emissions and keeping more plastic out of the ocean.