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the Essence

We are Kaleido. We just love making creative, flexible and highly exclusive individual solutions or products.
To satisfy our client's very special needs, we like to connect with some other master craftsmen just to get those details right. That’s why each and every one of our projects is impeccable and always driven by our everlasting ambition for challenges.

We always tend to utilise only the finest materials available. Their quality is our concern at every step. We’re deeply embedded into our community.

For our line of fully sustainable eco-office products we decided to cooperate with some local, socially embraced working centres, not only to make a lasting impression on creative minds, but on society as well.


We grew up in the heart of middle Europe, surrounded with lush forests and endless meadows. Maybe that’s the reason why we felt this deeply rooted urge to bring some nature in to our everyday office routine.
The modern, contemporary office environment tends to be so sterile, technologically saturated and consequently alienated from the prime, natural environment that we evolved from.

We know that some of you kin souls out there feel the same so with our ecoOffice program we tried to bring a sustainable counterweight to the emerging trend by introducing a fully recyclable line of customisable office material ranging from notebooks, pencil stances, bookmarks & more.

the Cover Material

The essence of every living or non-living thing in our universe is the material that it derives from. We constantly build new relationships with other people or objects on the basis of how they smell, feel and look.
What we tend to frequently forget is how those things impact the environment that they derived from. Well, we didn't. That's why we craft our office accessories from fully recyclable materials that are usually meant for disposal like old cardboard or newspapers, agricultural fibers, plant waste, etc.

All those precious cellulose fibers undergo a pressured heating process.
The result is a firm, highly efficient, non-toxic composite panel that we just love to use.

the Product

We already talked about how eco-friendly and fully recyclable our products are.
And how sustainable our future could be if we used them more often. But we forgot to mention the pinpoint of our production capabilities-customisation!
Even though we offer a variety of different eco-friendly products, we are fully open to any other solutions from your end. And that's certainly not all. You can also choose to implement your own corporate motive, idea, design, graphic or favourite quote wherever you feel like it or simply choose one of our premade print patterns.

We can add different gadgets to your custom notebook. An integrated pen/cil holder on your custom notebook could also look soo cool ;)...

customisation & Accessories

Attractive notebooks from our collections are completely customisable and can be created with your wishes and graphic design in mind by adding various stickers/details.
Some of the additions include adding your business logo, a map of the city with tourist attractions, and a customisation of the notebooks interior.
You can choose between sewn or spiral binding, different colours and shapes of the elastic band. For your little ones, you can choose self-adhesive inserts with children’s motifs.

Our ecoOffice collection also offers other individual products, such as pen/cils, pen/cil holders, desk holders, folders, ring binders etc. in a superb quality and can be used for a long period of time.

go Green

For all you eco-friendly, well established brands out there that also feel like we have to think sustainable in the context of our planet, we are kindly offering an extension to your line of products that will truly resonate our common care for the future of the coming generations and the environment they'll share with each other.
Our cooperation with local socially embraced working centres can provide you with carefully hand-crafted, micro refined, totally recyclable products for the 21st century, modern office environment. And that’s not all. If you need any special, custom made promotional material or gift packaging - you got our back!

We just love to make those tiny, little details right. Never forgetting about the sustainability of our products.

our Partners

We are so proud of our regular partnership with some local socially embraced working centres (CVD Golovec, MUC, CRI) that gave us the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most kind, hard working individuals in our community. We're so grateful to have them on board!
These special people are the ones that make those details clean and polished despite their partial mental or physical disabilities. Because it’s easy to presume that most of what we do is produced in an industrial manner. But it’s quite the opposite actually. And without our caring, responsible working force these kind of finesse would be really hard to achieve.

They have our deepest most sincere gratitude.

green Future Partner

It is a research and development centre, which supports our company with a comprehensive portfolio of services and strategic networks at national and international level.
It is a true partner with whom we work together to analyse existing and creative solutions for new paper products based on ecologically sophisticated materials.
With their help, we develop custom-made individual personalised products from paper composites. They also advise us when we face problems in the technological process of printing or packaging production.

The main objective of our cooperation is to exchange knowledge, good practices, ideas and to establish new links in the transformation from linear to circular packaging.

sustainability & Responsibility

In creating and selecting materials, we have spent a lot of time thinking about caring for the environment, the future and our descendants. Our wish is to preserve the environment and pass on the thought of environmental care to the next generations.
In the process of production and assembly of products, we work with individuals from work centres to enable them social inclusion in the environment. At the same time, manual work does not create harmful effects on the environment.

In the field of packaging, we and our clients always try to find ways of how to make a so-called ''second life'' packaging, as we strive not to dispose of the product as waste paper but change it to reusable packaging. Later, it can be used as a jewellery box or personal stuff box, travel box, etc...