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We believe that companies are, above all, communities of people who work better in an atmosphere of respect and trust.

If you see yourself in the video bellow, you are very welcome to proceed with your B2B form.

We created the Kaleido ecoOffice brand with the aim of offering something new to all stationery lovers - beautiful, environmentally friendly products with interesting details and a backstory.


The brand has global potential as more and more people are aware of the importance of the environmental situation and strive for sustainable projects and products.

Constantly developing new products and collaborating with local illustrators and designers gives us the opportunity to spread the idea and concept globally and gives the product collection a greater meaning and value.

Kaleido ecoOffice products will be available in bookstores, gift shops as well as modern shopping malls, tourist points, museums, airports, Duty-Free Shops, fashion stores, etc.

If you are planning an individual project, or you are a wholesaler, distributor, retailer, agent who wants to include quality products with a strong backstory in your offer, we invite you to open your B2B account.

After opening your B2B account, we will provide you with a special access to your account or we will create an offer for your individual project, according to your needs and wishes. We are also at your disposal if you have a one-off project.

For more information about cooperation with companies, brands or custom-made products and sales information, please contact Basic Bozidar at  sales@kaleidoecooffice.com or +38634925400





Attractive notebooks from the ecoOffice collection are completely customizable and can be created with your wishes and graphic design in mind by adding various stickers/details. Some of the additions include adding your business logo, a map of the city with tourist attractions, and a customization of the notebooks’ interior. You can choose between different binding and different colours and shapes of the elastic band. For your little ones, you can choose self-adhesive inserts with children’s motifs. Other high-quality individual products from the ecoOffice collection are also completely customizable.

The minimum quantity is 100 pcs for existing personalized products, and 500 pcs for products created with your wishes. Production deadlines range from 20 to 25 working days after order confirmation.

Our ecoOffice collection also offers pens and pencils. Most of them can be perfectly individualized by printing, laser engraving, or other techniques depending on the pen or pencil.

Minimal quantity is 500 pcs. Production deadlines range from 20 to 25 working days after order confirmation.

We would be also glad to prepare custom packaging for all the products.

As a customer of personalized products, we kindly ask you to respect copyrights and trademarks.




The display stands are fully customized according to the type of product they organize and are optimized for use in small spaces. There are openings on the sides that allow for easy transfer of the display stands.

On the back of the display stands, there are openings for two markers (wobblers) and branding that can be customized according to the theme of the activity and the brand.

Behind the display stand there is a space for plates from which the pen/cil holder can be made. A small space is dedicated for our leaflets (brochures). The display stand can be completely adjusted to the client's wishes.





We are interested in partnering and producing products based on "co-branding" or under special conditions also "branding" - under the partner's brand. We can create "SPECIAL EDITION" collections in addition to your existing collection. Each inquiry is handled individually and we are fully committed to the desire for a good solution and long-term partnerships. For more detailed information regarding cooperation with companies, brands or custom made products and distribution information, please contact us.



Office stationery is something that we tend to take rather for granted a lot of times. Where it seems like technology is killing off stationery, they still bring significance to the office and often go unnoticed as valuable tools.

Stationery helps in smooth functioning in many ways and a significant reason for using it, is the organisation properties it provides.

If you are searching for a supplier of stationery items you are at the right place.

Become a distributor, wholesale supplier, or agent of stationery items from our ecoOffice collection.

For more information contact us.


If you are planning an individual project, or if you are interested in becoming a retailer for Kaleido ecoOffice products, we kindly ask you to fill in the information bellow and we will send you access to our wholesale store.

We will also be happy to prepare an offer tailored to your wishes and needs.