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Coloured Eco-Friendly Material

The covers of the notebooks are a combination of two environmentally friendly cardboards with excellent characteristics.

The upper layer of the cover:
Cardboards meeting strict technical and environmental criteria such as the exclusion of dangerous substances and the use of fibers made from 100% waste paper.
The cardboard has a certified label which guarantees that the cardboard is 100% made with recycled cellulose fibers and without any dangerous substances.
The entanglement of the different fibers of recovery cellulose that constitutes the cardboard gives this material a soft touch and the very natural appearance of raw material.

The bottom layer of the cover:
Deep, dark, sensual; superior solid board surpasses all expectations. The attention to detail, the sharp edge finesse and the tantalisingly tactile texture make this a popular luxury board.
It’s sturdy, strong and boasts excellent converting properties.
Board is made from recycled paper and certified fibres and it is 100% sustainable.
Using only recycled raw materials, eco-friendly production processes and a low-zero waste programme - the responsibility is put into luxury.