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Our Team

Creative teams are only as good as what they achieve today. It doesn’t matter that we’ve been around for over 30 years, create clever moves, 'get' digital and survive recessions. History is important, but what we do today, matters most, and we realise that.

The only way to create great things every day is with great people who truly enjoy their job, so we make sure we only hire the best. Talent goes beyond a keen eye for design or a qualification on a piece of paper. As cheesy as it sounds, we live and breathe what we do, we’re enthusiastic and take pride in doing the best work we can.

Bozidar Basic

When he’s not thinking about how to help YOU, Basic likes to think about the surrounding world and how everything works. He tries to see a positive side of everything and stays calm regardless of the situation. Solving problems with calm approach and unbreakable patience, he makes sure every customer leaves us satisfied. He’s a sybarite who likes to indulge in good food & music. Last but not least, he has a jillion sneakers, so you’ll never see him rocking the same pair two days in a row.

Aleksandra Klinar

Aleksandra is translating challenges into questions and answers into actionable insights. She can spend hours listening to people and analysing a subject without her brain getting overheated. Normally Aleksandra takes care of invoices to be entered and accounted on time. In a nutshell, she cares about the satisfaction of our contractors. Any questions about finances? Go ahead! In her free time she loves skiing, it’s a part of her life. She also enjoys traveling around the world, especially to Italy :)

Petra Klinar

Petra is an experienced problem solver and a logistics mastermind. When summer comes around, she spends her free time rollerblading or riding a bike. When there’s snow outside, she loves painting, getting on with her DIY projects, and drinking hot cocoa. Multitasking is her superpower.

Marko Anclin

A real team player, ready to help anyone in need. He enjoys team sports quite a lot – an all-out People person. Tonnes of warmth, understanding, empathy, and patience – everything you could possibly want in one big package. Can be found either at work, hanging around with his friends or exploring the interwebs in search of the freshest memes. Oh, he’s also fixated on his mustache..

Robi Duplisak

There is nothing more important to Robi than a satisfied customer and the smell of freshly roasted Colombian supremo coffee beans. When he is not heading off to work, you’ll find him casually jogging or sweating his guts out to finish first during a CrossFit competition. If you ask him what is important in life, he would answer that it’s keeping it simple and ice cream.

Marcel Kostomaj

The holy grail of the digital universe or all in one 'physical to digital converter'. Marcel is a former professional DJ, photographer and cinematographer. Marcel enjoys cooking, and bartending for friends. Sometimes at night, he’s in search of new stars and galaxies in the sky. He also won’t say no to good sci-fi games, and films..