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Gift Box w. Handle L Orange


The gift bag is made of recycled, certified, environmentally friendly material and it is suitable for storage of notebooks size:

L (140x210 mm)

XL (165x240 mm)

XL PEN/CIL (189x240mm)

It comes with a handle that can be hidden inside of the bag.

On the back side of the bag there are extra pins to prevent the bottom from opening.

The notebook is not included in the price.

You can choose your own notebook from our collection of NOTEBOOKS.

The notebook is not included in the price.

Box dimension: 305x193x33 mm

Made in Slovenia

Material description:

Deep, dark, sensual; superior solid board surpasses all expectations. The attention to detail, the sharp edge finesse and the tantalisingly tactile texture make this a popular luxury board.

It’s sturdy, strong and boasts excellent converting properties.
Board is made from recycled paper and certified fibres and it is 100% sustainable.
Using only recycled raw materials, eco-friendly production processes and a low-zero waste programme, the responsibility is put into luxury.


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