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Notebook Fallopia Japonica L


Limited edition notebook made of Japanese knotweed.   

Thick outer covers are made of ECO friendly material. 
Inside paper: Japanese knotweed 110 gr/m2
Inside covers: Japanese knotweed 240 gr/m2
96 Blank pages
An elastic band is placed vertically on the covers of the notebook.

Notebook dimesnion: 140x210mm

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Handmade in Slovenia

Cover Material:                         

Paper Material:

The paper was created as a result of the Applaus project, which addresses unresolved issues regarding the management of invasive non-native plants in terms of a zero-waste approach and a circular economy.

Since we are aware of how important is the care for the environment, we want to contribute to a better environment and a better tomorrow with our notebooks made of the Japanese knotweed.

Japanese knotweed is a non-native species, an invasive plant that has no natural enemies in native areas. Apart from the fact that it destroys biodiversity and roads, bridges and house structures with its strong root structure, the plant also boasts some useful properties. It is an edible plant and is an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants. It also has such a chemical composition that it can be made into paper.

The paper made of Japanese knotweed has comparable properties to ordinary paper made of fiber, but the Japanese knotweed fiber has quite a few benefits. They are available in the immediate vicinity, while conventional paper fibers are fully imported, often from other continents, resulting in environmental pollution. There is also an advantage in replacing the recycled fibers with fresh ones, as recycled fibers lose their paper properties after repeated processing. By using Japanese knotweed, we reduce the need for fiber from wood and thus help preserve forests.

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