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Notebook Kocevje by Ana Gorsek


Notebook made of recycled, environmentally friendly material.

The notebook covers are made of recycled, certified, environmentally friendly material.
Inside paper: SHIRO ECHO White 100 gr/m2
Endpaper: SHIRO ECHO White 160 gr/m2
Inside covers: SHIRO ECHO White 300 gr/m2
128 pages (96 with lines, 16 with squares, 16 with dots)

An elastic band is placed vertically on the covers of the notebook.

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Handmade in Slovenia

Cover Material:                           Paper Material:                         

About author

Hi there! I´m Ana and these are my doodles. I spend all my weeks drawing, or being lost in a pile of art supplies and all my weekends hiking and exploring nature. I love to draw cute animals and characters interacting with them, or making a travel journals of places that I visit. 

My pet turtle gave me the advice, to be nice to one another, take in the sun and take it slow. She´s awesome and I´ll gladly follow that. I hope, my doodles will make your day as much, as they brighten mine.

The cooperation, with Kaleido ecoOffice brings together all things I appreciate: craftsmanship, attention to detail and environmental awareness.

About collection

What do a fish, a bear and dragon have in common? That´s right, they all live in a magical place called Slovenia. Come join me on a trip through their home cities and see what they´re up to.

About design

Kočevje - Untamed and wild - the illustration was inspired by the endless biking and hiking trails of Kočevje. On your journey there, you will encounter the rich wildlife of the region. The most characteristic is the brown bear, who roams through the forests. Sometimes by foot, this time on a bike. Come join, it´s a wild ride.

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