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Notebook Lemons by Dolores Ponos


Notebook made of recycled, environmentally friendly material.

The notebook covers are made of recycled, certified, environmentally friendly material.
Inside paper: SHIRO ECHO White 100 gr/m2
Endpaper: SHIRO ECHO White 160 gr/m2
Inside covers: SHIRO ECHO White 300 gr/m2
128 pages (96 with lines, 16 with squares, 16 with dots)

An elastic band is placed vertically on the covers of the notebook.

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Handmade in Slovenia

Cover Material:                           Paper Material:                         

About author

Dolores Ponos is a renewed artist from Slovenia that has made her career working mostly as a portrait artist »I always loved the power of human expression, the uniqueness of faces and the soul of each individual that I can express through interpretation and media of my own choice«

Her drawing style and technique tends to always surprise us. She doesn’t stick with one media or style but rather switches in between - connecting her work mostly through her vision of the world and subject itself.

 »I love to explore and not limit my self doing it. When people ask me what's my style I like to replay -it depends on my mood and interest in that particular moment- because life is serious of moments- why limit yourself to just one interpretation or style. “

About collection

Simple collection is a series of work that inspire us with great works of art, its directness and simplicity. Works in this series carry powerful idea but simple and profound design. A strong message we can all relate to in a different way. And each design and drawing carry’s his own.

About design

When life gives lemon add some sugar - design inspired by life that is always bitter sweet - but you can always make bitter part taste sweeter.

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