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Rollerball Pen Dots


The Vivapen Rollerball Pens are school pens with exchangeable ink cartridges for writing into notebooks.

The pen is made in different colours and it is made out of two different plastics components.
For writing with a pen only water-based ink should be used.
Blue ink is erasable.
The ink is harmless to health, and it conforms to EN 71-3 REV.
The pen has a triangular gripping part corresponding to the most recent trends of writing ergonomics.
The grip is soft and made out of rubber.
The triangular grip is ergonomic and guarantees easy, healthy, and comfortable writing.
It is a no-slip hand grip.


The pen is fitted with a pressure-resistant tip, and the perfect ink flow control prevents Ink leakage. 
The health-beneficial – triangular gripping is suitable for left-handed people, too. 
It is adjusted for long and standard ink cartridges. 
Its triangular shape with rubber/ design is suitable for beginners in writing, for children. 
The ink comes from the cartridges to the fountain pen nib and roller ball only in few seconds after activating. Without shaking or squeezing the cartridges.

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